[Publish] Facebook Page mentions

We are delighted to announce that the new  Tailored Posts composer includes support for Facebook Page mentions.

Please note, Facebook Page mentions is not supported within the Simple Composer. If you are still seeing the Simpler Composer, don't worry, the new Tailored Posts Composer will be landing in your dashboard in the next few weeks!  You can read more about it here.

You're able to mention other Facebook Pages in posts that you are scheduling to be shared to a Facebook Page. To mention a Facebook Page in your post, simply type in the @ symbol and start typing the first few letters of the Facebook Page you’d like to mention. Matching results will be returned and you can click on the Page you'd like to include.


  • It is not currently possible to mention Facebook Profiles, only Pages.
  • It is not currently possible to mention Facebook Pages if you're posting to a Profile or Group. Facebook Page mentions only work when posting to a Facebook Page. If you are sharing the same post to a Facebook Profile or Group, regular text would be used instead for those accounts.