[Publish] Getting started with Quuu


What is Quuu?

Quuu is a content curation platform, allowing you to select relevant interest categories and automatically (or manually) send hand curated content to your Buffer Publish Queues. Quuu offer a number of pricing plans, ranging from free to $30/month.

Getting Started with Quuu

Head over to  this link to sign up for a Quuu account. You’ll need to click on Allow access to authorise Quuu to use your Buffer Publish account.

Once logged in, you'll be walked through an onboarding flow, which allows you to choose which of your social accounts you’d like to send suggestions to (don’t worry, you can change this later on). You’ll also need to pick a few interest categories and decide how many posts you’d like to be sent each day. At the end of the onboarding flow, you’ll arrive at your Quuu home screen.

Updating Categories and Number of Posts

If you’re on Quuu’s Free Plan or Amazing Plan, any categories you choose will be associated to all social accounts.

If you’re on Quuu’s Ultra or Entrepreneur Plan, you can assign certain categories to specific social accounts. This is handy if you’re managing multiple brands and social accounts within different industries. At any time, you can change the categories and number of posts for each of your social accounts.

Manual or Automatic?

If you're on Quuu's Free or Amazing Plan, all curated content will be sent automatically to your Queues within Buffer Publish and you will not have the opportunity to pick and choose which ones to share. Of course, once they’re in your Queues, you can edit or delete them at that stage, but you’d need to notice them in your Queue before they're published!

If you're on Quuu's Ultra or Entrepreneur Plan, you'll be able to choose whether to have suggestions automatically sent to Buffer Publish, or whether you'd prefer to review and approve them first. By default, suggestions will be sent automatically. To change this, head into Settings and toggle on the Manually Select Quuu Hand Curated Content option.

Once enabled, you will see suggestions on your Quuu homepage. From there you can view, edit, approve or remove!

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