[Reply] Slack integration


If your team is using Slack, you can integrate your account with Reply, and have certain conversations and events sent directly to a channel of your choosing.

Configuring the Slack integration

Follow the steps below to configure the Slack integration.


Click on Settings on the left hand side of your dashboard and then select the Integrations tab.


Enable the Slack integration by switching the toggle to on.


You'll then be prompted to choose and connect your Slack account.


Once connected, select the Slack channel you'd like to send alerts to.


You can then choose which types of conversations and events you'd like to be alerted to in Slack, from the following options:

  • For each conversation type, you can choose to be alerted a) when a new conversation comes in and b) when a reply is sent
  • Alert when any note is added
  • Alert when any conversation is assigned


Finally, click Save Changes.