[Publish] Character limits for each social network

Each type of social account that you can post to through Buffer Publish, has its own character limitations in place. Here they are:
  • Twitter: 280
  • Pinterest: 500
  • Instagram: 2,200
  • Facebook Pages: 5,000
  • Facebook Groups: 5,000
  • LinkedIn Profiles: *700
  • LinkedIn Pages: 700
  • Google+ Profiles: 5,000
  • Google+ Pages: 5,000

*LinkedIn allows up to 1,300 characters when publishing to a Profile natively, but Buffer only allows 700 characters. As a third-party app posting to LinkedIn, we comply with the official documentation for LinkedIn's API, which has the character limit set to 700. We're keen to respect the guidelines set by LinkedIn and will be sticking to the 700 character limit when posting to Profiles for the time being.