[Publish] How to reauthorize your Pinterest account

A social account may occasionally need to be reconnected to Buffer Publish. This could be because the login details to the social account have changed, or because the access token has expired. In most cases, you can reconnect the account following the steps  here.

However, on some occasions, a simple reconnect won't do the trick for Pinterest accounts, and it will instead need to fully reauthorized. In these cases, you're likely to see the following error:

"An unknown error has occurred, please get in touch if this persists."

Please follow the steps below to reauthorize your Pinterest account.


Log in to your Pinterest account at  https://www.pinterest.com/


Click on the settings icon at the top left and then click on  Settings


From there, click Apps on the left hand side


You should then see a list of authorized apps. Locate Buffer and click  Revoke Access


Head back over to   https://buffer.com/app


Select your Pinterest account on the left hand side of your dashboard and then click on  Settings Reconnect. From that point, you should be all set you and can retry any failed posts in your Queue.