[Publish] Why CAPTCHA is displayed when logging into Buffer

Why is CAPTCHA displayed?

If Buffer is unable to find cookies on your device, we'll include an extra layer of security for account protection. This will be in the form of a CAPTCHA, where you will need to tick the "I'm not a robot" checkbox.

How can I stop it?

If you'd like to minimize the occurrence of the CAPTCHA, you can change your browser settings to accept cookies. Here's how to do that in both Firefox and Chrome.


Click on Firefox and then Preferences and then Privacy. Under the History option, select Firefox will use custom settings for history. Tick the Accept cookies from sites option.


Click on the options menu (3 vertical dots) and then click on Settings. From there, click Show advanced settings, followed by Content settings (under Privacy). Select the Allow local data to be set option and click Done.

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