[Publish] Power Scheduler

From April 3rd, 2019 onwards, the Power Scheduler is no longer available.

The Power Scheduler was a feature within the Browser Extension that enabled you to share the same piece of content to your social media accounts, multiple times. We built it many years ago, when sharing a piece of content multiple times to the same social accounts was a common strategy to grow an audience.

As social media has changed and Buffer has evolved, this feature has become far less relevant to the vast majority of our customers. To create engagement on social media, we’ve learned how important is it to share high quality, visually appealing posts, and focus on quality over quantity. Twitter, for example, are actively regulating posts that are substantially similar in nature.

Sharing identical posts multiple times is a strategy that we would now advise against, which is why we decided to remove the Power Scheduler feature. We understand that changes like this can feel very disruptive, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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