[Publish] Re-Buffer posts that have already been published

The Re-Buffer feature is only available on our Pro and Business Plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

Summary Choosing posts to Re-Buffer
How to Re-Buffer posts


With so much content on social media now, posts can easily get missed and lost in the flow, and we understand that you need to get maximum visibility. The Re-Buffer feature allows you to add published posts back into your Queue to share again. We strongly encourage you to modify the post itself before adding it back to your Queue. You can find guidance on re-sharing posts here.

Choosing posts to Re-Buffer

The Posts Report provides a history of every post that has been published. You’re able to see the dates and times the posts were shared, the team member who scheduled the posts, and key performance metrics, such as likes and clicks.

A great way to find posts you might like to share again is by using the sorting and filtering options at the top of the report. This might include lengthening the date range to look at posts further back in the past, sorting by Most Popular or Least Popular, and filtering by type.

How to Re-Buffer posts

There are two easy ways to Re-Buffer posts.


The first option is to hover the post until you see a four-headed arrow and then drag the post back into the Queue on the left hand side.

Please note, it is not possible to drag previously published tweets to Twitter accounts, due to their guidelines on duplicating content.


The second option is to click on the Re-Buffer button to the right of the post. This option allows you to edit the post before adding it back to the Queue. This is the method we recommend!

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