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Tips on saving files for Instagram posts


We know how important it is to have your images looking their best when you post through Buffer Publish. We've provided some information below about how we handle image resizing, along with some tips on how to save your images for Instagram.

Image resizing

Each social network has its own image file size limit. If the image you upload is larger than the limit for that social network, we'll convert it to a smaller size to ensure it can be published. Only one image attribute (width or height) will be adjusted and the other will scale automatically. This ensures that the original aspect ratio will be kept.

The table below outlines the file size limit for each social network, along with the sizes your images will be transformed too if they're too big. Please note, the file sizes listed below are specifically for static images, and do not apply to GIF files. 

Social Network File Size Limit Size Transformed To
4MB 3000 pixels tall
8MB 1920 pixels wide
3MB 1024 pixels wide
LinkedIn 10MB 4746 pixels wide
Pinterest 10MB 600 pixels wide


  • You may be able to upload larger images when creating posts natively. The file size limits mentioned in the table above are the limits when posting through the social networks' API. For example, Twitter's native file size limit is 15MB, while through the API, it's 3MB.
  • Image resizing will only take place on the web version of Buffer Publish. If you're scheduling via a mobile device (iOS or Android), the maximum file upload size is 10MB.
  • For Twitter specifically, if the image does not need to be resized, Buffer Publish will still check that the image is smaller than 8192 x 8192 pixels, since this is Twitter's maximum allowed dimension. If it's bigger than that, your image will be resized to be just a little smaller.
  • LinkedIn has shared that the optimal size for images to achieve consistency across various share methods, pages, and experiences, is 1200 x 627 pixels. This image size should prevent cropping and scaling across formats. That said, if you're looking to share the same across across multiple social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), we'd recommend using a square image to avoid cropping on LinkedIn.
  • Buffer Publish does not currently resize GIF files, and the maximum file size is 3MB.

Tips on saving files for Instagram posts

To avoid image distortion, pixelation or slight color changes when posting to Instagram through Buffer Publish, we recommend the following tips: 

  • It’s best to save your file in .png file format, rather than .jpg or other file formats 
  • Transparent backgrounds can cause distortion, so they should be avoided
  • Save in RGB color mode and try to stay away from other color modes such as AdobeRBG/CMYK
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