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For social in particular, not every conversation will require a reply. For example, on Twitter, you might find that you get @ mentioned in posts that don't require a response. In these cases, you might simply close the conversation. The Engagement Report helps you to see the ratio between closed conversations that were responded to vs closed conversations that were not responded to, along with your total number of open conversations. If you have a goal to respond to at least 75% of all incoming conversations, this is a great place to track your progress!

Please note, it is not currently possible to filter Reports by specific social accounts, although this is something that we'd love to add in the future. Right now, Reports will show data across all social accounts.

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Report features

Customising the date range

Use the date picker at the top right of the page to choose a preselected or custom date range.

Key stats

Along the top of the report you'll see three key stats:

  • Conversations currently open
  • Percentage and number of conversations closed with a reply
  • Percentage and number of conversations closed without a reply

Conversations chart

In the chart below, you'll see the same information but on any given date.

Report exports

A CSV export can be downloaded by clicking the download icon at the top right of the page (next to the date picker).

This report includes the number of conversations open each day, for the date range you've selected, along with how many were closed with a reply, and how many without. Here's a run down of all the data you'll find within the CSV export:

  • Date: Each date within the date range you've selected will be listed as a separate row within the CSV.
  • Currently Open: The number of conversations that are currently open, that were received on that date.
  • Archived Without Reply: The number of conversations that were set to Closed on that date, which were not replied to.
  • Archived With Reply: The number of conversations that were set to Closed on that date, which were replied to.

Please note, it is only possible to export a maximum of 2 months worth of data at a time.

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