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Scheduling your social media posts couldn't be easier! Our vision is for users to have a unique voice on social media, and to be able increase engagement and reach of posts by targeting the message to the right audience on each social network. Using the Tailored Posts Composer, you're able to customize your post for each social network that you're sharing to.

Selecting your social accounts

To get started, click inside the box at the top of any of your Queues, which says "What would you like to share?". This will open up the Composer, which is where you can craft your post. From there, select the social accounts you'd like to include by clicking on the avatars at the top of the Composer.

Please note, it's only possible to select one Twitter account at a time, due to Twitter's guidelines.

Creating your content

You're able to customize your post for each social network that you're sharing to. If the message is going to be similar for each one, we would recommend starting with a base for your posts, which you can type in or copy and paste.

From there, click Customize for each network. A separate box will appear for each type of social network that you've selected. For example if you're sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you'll have three boxes available. If you're sharing to multiple social accounts of the same network, e.g. multiple Facebook accounts, you'd still only have one box per social network.

You can then modify the text for each one however you'd like. When it comes to adding media to your posts, the options you'll see will vary depending on the social network you're sharing to. Please refer to the table below.

Link attachment Suggested media Image upload Video upload
Facebook ✓ (4) ✓ (4) ✓ (1)
Instagram ✓ (4) ✓ (4) ✓ (1)
Twitter ✓ (4) ✓ (4) ✓ (1)
LinkedIn ✓ (1) ✓ (1) ✓ (1)
Pinterest ✓ (1) ✓ (1) ✓ (1)


  • Link shortening: Any links you paste into the composer will be automatically shortened, using the buff.ly link shortener by default. Learn more here.
  • Facebook Page and Twitter mentions: To mention a Facebook Page or Twitter Profile, simply type the @ symbol and start typing the first few letters of the Page or Profile you'd like to mention. Matching results will be returned and you can select the one you'd like to include. Learn more here.
  • Hashtags: You're able to include hashtags in your posts for any social network and they will be hyperlinked once published.
  • Pinterest: If you're scheduling a post to a Pinterest board, you will need to include text, an image, and the source URL (the web address the pin will direct to).

Scheduling options

Once your posts are ready, you'll have a few scheduling options:

  • Add to Queue (default): Your posts will be added to the next available time slots from your Posting Schedules (this is usually the bottom of your Queue). Learn more here.
  • Share Next: Your posts will be saved at the top of your Queues and be the next ones to be published. Other posts in your Queues will be bumped down one time slot. This option is only available on our Pro and Business Plans.
  • Share Now: Your posts will be published immediately, essentially skipping the Queue.
  • Schedule Post: You will be able to choose a custom date and time in the future for the posts to be shared.
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