[Publish] How to add posts to your Queue from WordPress



There are two easy ways to automatically send new WordPress posts to your Queues within Buffer Publish. The first is to use a plugin created by  WP Zinc, and the second is to use Zapier. In this guide, we'll explore both options.

Sending WordPress posts to your Queues using the WP Zinc plugin

Please note, this plugin is only available to WordPress.org customers and is not available to WordPress.com customers. Essentially, are you hosting your WordPress site yourself? If yes, you’ll be able to use this plugin. If not, sadly you won’t. For more information on the differences between these two, please check out this link.

There are two versions of the plugin created by  WP Zinc:

Plugin version Features
WordPress to Buffer (Free)
Send WordPress posts to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Queues.
WordPress to Buffer (Pro, starting from $39)
As above, plus the ability to send WordPress posts to your Pinterest and Instagram Queues, as well as being able to define different statuses for each post type and social network, featured images, advanced scheduling, and more.

Installing the Free version


Login to your Wordpress.org admin page and then click Plugins on the left hand side, followed by Add New.


Search for the Wordpress for Buffer plugin by WP Zinc and then click Install Now.


Once installed, click Activate.


Once activated, you should see a new link in the left hand side bar labelled WP to Buffer. Hover over the link and click on Settings.


At the top of the page, click Authorize Plugin.


At this stage you will need to authorise WordPress to Buffer to access your Buffer account. Click Allow Access.


You'll be brought back to the Settings page in WordPress and you should be all set! Settings can be configured under the Posts tab and the Pages tab.

Installing the Pro version


If you're already using the Free version of the plugin, you'll need to deactivate it first by  following the instructions here. If this is a brand new installation, i.e. you're not already using the Free version of the plugin, skip to step 2.


Purchase the WordPress to Buffer Pro plugin by heading to  this link and scroll down to the pricing table towards the bottom of the page. Click Buy Now under the subscription you would like to purchase.


Once you have purchased the Pro version of the plugin, you'll receive an email from WP Zinc with a link to the ZIP file. You must install this ZIP file through the WordPress Administration’s Plugins interface. It is not enough to just purchase a license key.  Follow the instructions here to install the Pro version.


Once the Pro version of the plugin has been installed, update your settings,  following the instructions here.

For support, please  contact the WP Zinc team here.

Sending WordPress posts to your Queues using Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web automation tool, described as "the glue" that connects more than  750 web apps. Zaps are workflows, which connect apps so they can work together. Zaps start with a trigger, which is an event in an app which kicks off the workflow, and end with an action, which is an event that's completed automatically in a second app. Zaps automate tasks in the background.

Zapier have thousands of templates that you can tweak and use, or you can create your own from scratch. For more information, check out Zapier's  Getting Started Guide.


Head over to  this template click Use this Zap.


The “New Post” trigger will already be selected so simply click Continue.


Connect your WordPress account and click Continue.


You do not need to change any of the advanced options so simply click Continue.


Test the step and click Continue.


The "Add to Buffer" action will already be selected so simply click Continue


Connect your Buffer account and click Save + Continue.


Choose the social account you’d like to send your WordPress posts to.

Top Tip: You will need to create multiple versions of this Zap if you'd like posts to be sent to multiple social accounts. You can duplicate Zaps by going to your list, clicking on the drop down arrow and clicking Copy. You can then simply edit the duplicated Zap and choose a different social account.

Choose which WordPress fields you'd like to use for the content of your post. "Post Title" and "Link" will be selected already.

Click Continue.


Test the step by clicking Create & Continue.


Finally, click Finish and you should be all set!