[Publish] Changing your link shortener

Link shortening with buff.ly is available on all plans. However, the ability to change your link shortener, is only available on our Pro, Premium, and Business Plans. More information on our plans can be found here.

Links that you paste into the composer will be automatically shortened, using the buff.ly link shortener by default. On our Pro, Premium, and Business Plans, you have the ability to change your link shortener if you wish. The options available include buff.ly, bit.ly, j.mp, or your own custom link shortener if it's registered with Bit.ly.

Link shorteners are set individually for each social account, meaning you might use buff.ly for some social accounts and bit.ly for others (for example).

To change your link shortener, select the social account on the left hand side that you'd like to change, and then click Settings and ensure the General tab is selected. From there, choose the link shortener you'd like to use from the drop down menu. You do also have the option to select No Shortening if you prefer.

If you're looking to connect your own custom link shortener, click on the Connect Bit.ly button below the drop down and then follow the instructions in here.

Learn how to unshorten specific links here.

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