[Publish iOS] How to save and access unfinished posts

The Save For Later feature is only available on our Pro and Business Plans. It is not available on the Free Plan.

When scheduling posts using the iOS app, it's possible to save them in their current state and finish them later. You can then access your unfinished posts in the Settings area. Follow the steps below to save and access unfinished posts:

  1. When you're scheduling a post that you'd like to save for later, tap Cancel at the bottom left of your screen and then tap Finish Later.
  2. Whenever you're ready to continue with your unfinished post, tap on the Settings icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Tap the Account Settings tab.
  4. Tap Finish Later.
  5. Your unfinished posts will be displayed in a list. Tap Add to continue editing your draft or tap Dismiss to delete it.

Please note, logging out of your Buffer Publish account on the iOS app will remove any unfinished posts. We're really sorry about the limitation there.