[Publish] What are the benefits of the new Tailored Posts Composer?



We're super excited to have launched the new Tailored Posts Composer within the main web dashboard as well as the Buffer Browser Extension, which allows you to modify your post for each social network that you're sharing to. Our vision is for users to have a unique voice on social media and be able increase engagement and reach of posts by targeting the message to the right audience on each social network.

For newer customers who might not have ever seen the simple composer, here is the difference:

This was the Simple Composer πŸ‘‡

It was only possible to create one message for all social networks

This is the Tailored Posts Composer πŸ‘‡

Key benefits of the new Tailored Posts Composer

  • Character limits: Ever been creating a post for both Twitter and Facebook and noticed that you've been capped at 280 characters? That's because in the Simpler Composer, if you were sharing to multiple social accounts, we would cap the characters at the most restrictive social accounts limit (since the same message is published to all). With the new Tailored Posts Composer, you're able to customize your post for each social network that you're sharing to, meaning you can make full use of the character limits available for each one! You can check out the character limits for each social network here. πŸ’»
  • Images and videos: Ever been creating a post for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, knowing that a GIF would be perfect for Twitter, a video would be ideal for Facebook and an image would work nicely for Instagram? With the Simple Composer, you'd only be able to choose one media attachment to be published to all of your social accounts. With the new Tailored Posts Composer, you can choose a different media attachment for each social network that you're sharing to! πŸ“Έ
  • Mentions: As some of your might know, it's been possible for some time to @ mention Twitter accounts within the composer. If you were sharing a post to other social networks at the same time (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) Buffer would convert the @ mention on other social networks to the full account name, taken from Twitter - not ideal! With the new Tailored Posts Composer, you can include @ mentions for Twitter and remove them from the unsupported social networks.
  • Hashtags: In our research, we've found that different social networks like different amounts of hashtags. For example, 2 works great on Twitter, while 11 or more works great on Instagram. With the ability to create customized messages for each social network using the new Tailored Posts composer, you can now tailor the number of hashtags you use. Keen to learn more about using hashtags effectively in your social media marketing? Check out this blog post! πŸ”–

Why should I customize my post for each social network?

Great question! With limited time and resources,  creating a unique post for each social media channel can be a challenge, but it’s well-worth the effort. This will help to give your content a fresh feel no matter where your audience lands and show that you’ve put some thought into each update. The other benefit of creating a unique post is that each social media channel has its own set of rules and so what works on one channel may not work on the other. We've written more about this and shared some examples here!