[Publish] Who will posts be attributed to in Facebook Groups?

If you’re the owner or an Admin of a Facebook Group, you’ll be able to connect it to your Buffer Publish account. Whilst we authenticate your Facebook Group through your personal Profile, we won't access your personal information or post on your Profile.

Posts published to a Facebook Group will appear as being posted by the Facebook member who connected the Group to Buffer Publish. If you’re on a Business Plan and you’ve invited users to post to the Facebook Group that you’ve connected, any posts they schedule and share will also appear as being posted by you (if you’re the person who connected the Group).

If you’re hoping for posts to be published by multiple people, each user would need to connect the Facebook Group to their own Buffer Publish account, through their personal Facebook Profile. However, please bear in mind that this would be within the limits of the plan the user is on, most commonly the Free Plan. Each instance of the Facebook Group connected to Buffer Publish will be completely separate and have its own Queue. This is because Admins of Facebook Groups are not necessarily part of the same team or even organisation. Therefore, we are not able to link these instances in any way.

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