[Reply] Inviting team members

Reply was designed for teams to work together, to respond to social conversations within one simple inbox. To invite your team members, click on Settings on the left hand side of your dashboard and then select the Team tab. From there, enter your team members' email addresses and click Send Invites.

By default, team members will be assigned the Agent role, but they can be changed to the Admin role if needed, by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of their current role, and selecting Admin.

Admins have the highest level of access and this role is typically reserved for one or two members on a team; Agents typically make up the majority of a team. When visiting Settings, Admins will see more options than Agents, as detailed below:

Settings Tab Agent Admin
Update personal information such as name, email address, password and signature
✅  ✅ 
Choose which email notifications to receive
✅  ✅ 
See a list of current team members, invite new team members, and change user roles
(read-only) ✅ 
Switch plan, update card details, and cancel account
Social Accounts
Connect and remove social accounts
Create, rename, and set colors on tags
 (read-only) ✅ 
Create and edit automation rules
Saved Replies
Create and edit saved replies
 (read-only) ✅ 
Enable and configure integrations