[Publish] How far back do Analytics go, and do they include posts shared outside of Buffer Publish?

This article relates to the Posts Report under Analytics.

On the Pro Plan, you'll be able to see your published posts over the past 30 days. On the Business Plans, you're able to customise the date range and go as far back as the first post you shared through Buffer.

For Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages & Groups, you'll see posts shared both through Buffer and outside of Buffer. When you subscribe to a Business Plan or connect a new social account and you're already on a Business Plan, we'll backfill the past 200 posts shared to the social account.

For Facebook Profiles, LinkedIn Profiles & Pages, Google+ Profiles & Pages and Pinterest, you'll only see posts shared through Buffer. Sadly we're not able to grab data for posts shared outside of Buffer through these social networks' APIs.

Social Account Includes posts shared outside of Buffer?
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Facebook Profiles
LinkedIn Profiles
LinkedIn Pages
Google+ Profiles
Google+ Pages