[Reply] What is Buffer Reply?

Reply is an engagement tool, allowing teams to respond to social conversations within one simple inbox. At the moment, it’s possible to pull in conversations from Twitter (public tweets and direct messages), Facebook Pages (comments, private messages and reviews) and Instagram (comments). Your team can respond to these conversations in an organised and efficient way, using typical inbox features such as filters, tags, folders, and automation rules. In addition, you’ll see features like collision detection, assignments, internal notes, built-in emojis, reports and loads more!

Buffer Reply has two plans available. The Professional Plan is ideal for individual users, or teams of two or three, looking to respond to a lower volume of conversations. The Business Plan is ideal for larger teams looking to respond to a higher volume of conversations, with the ability to set up automation rules and have access to extensive reporting.

Both plans are priced based on the number of social accounts you’d like to pull conversations from and also the number of team members who’ll be helping out. For one social account and one team member, the Professional Plan is $50/month and the Business Plan is $225/month. Each additional team member is then $25/month and each additional social account is $10/month. Feel free to hop over to our pricing page here for more information.