[Reply] What is Buffer Reply?

Reply is an engagement tool, allowing teams to respond to social conversations within one simple inbox. At the moment, it’s possible to pull in conversations from Twitter (public tweets and direct messages), Facebook Pages (comments, private messages and reviews) and Instagram (comments). Your team can respond to these conversations in an organised and efficient way, using typical inbox features such as filters, tags, folders, and automation rules. In addition, you’ll see features like collision detection, assignments, internal notes, built-in emojis, reports and loads more!

One of the best things about Buffer Reply, is that it should feel familiar. Where with some applications there's a big learning curve for your team, or lots of training needed, with Reply, the concepts and the features should feel pretty familiar, because they're so similar to what most of us do on a daily basis already. For example, Reply is designed to allow us to receive and respond to incoming messages, and try and to do so in the most organized and efficient way that we can. That's a pretty similar, if not identical, concept to managing our own emails, using tools like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook. The key difference is that Reply was designed for teams, to work together, and achieve inbox zero in half the time!

Reply pricing is completely customised based on your specific needs. We offer a Professional Plan and a Business Plan, both of which are priced based on the number of social accounts you’d like to pull conversations from and also the number of team members who’ll be helping out.

As an example, for 3 social accounts and 3 team members, the Professional Plan would be $120/month and the Business Plan would be $295/month. Feel free to hop over to our pricing calculator here to create your perfect plan and check out which features are available. When purchasing an annual plan, you’ll receive 2 months free.