[Publish] Facebook page request limit

Are you seeing the following error? "It looks like we're bumping into a few Facebook page limits".

With this specific error, Facebook is looking at the overall engagement of your Page within a 24-hour period (e.g. clicks, shares, comments). If the overall engagement is low, Facebook restricts the number of posts that can be published until engagement increases. There are a couple of things to try, to prevent this error from happening:


Reduce the number of posts that you're publishing, so you don't reach the "request limit". Try sharing just one post every 24 hours to start with.


Try to increase the overall engagement on your Facebook Page, by inviting fans, friends and team members to like, comment, or share posts. This should increase your "request limit" and let you share more posts.

This can definitely be a tricky one, since there isn't an exact ratio between the number of posts and overall engagement that Facebook is looking for.

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