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The Posts Report provides a history of all of your published posts. Looking at your posts individually allows you to draw comparisons and see patterns around which posting times might be working best for you, and what type of content your audience might be most engaged with.

The features within the Post Report differ depending on which plan you're subscribed to, as described in the table below.

Free Plan Pro Plan Premium Plan Business Plan
History of posts ✓ (30 days) ✓ (30 days) ✓ (full history) ✓ (full history)
Analytics on posts
Share Again feature

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Performance metrics

The table below provides an overview of which performance metrics are available for each type of social account. You can find a detailed description of each metric here.

Likes Clicks Comments Shares Reach Impressions
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Instagram Profiles
Twitter Profiles ✓ (Mentions) ✓ (Retweets)
LinkedIn Profiles and Pages
Pinterest Profiles ✓ (Repins)

Please note, the Impressions metric for Twitter is only available on our Premium and Business Plans.

Share again

With so much content on social media now, posts can easily get missed and lost in the flow, and we understand that you need to get maximum visibility. The Share Again feature allows you to add published posts back into your Queue to share again. Due to social networks becoming much stricter on the duplication of content, we recommend using this feature lightly, and making changes to your posts before sharing them multiple times. You can find guidance on re-sharing posts here.

Common questions


What could cause discrepancies between the data seen in the Posts Report here, and data in native analytics?

There are a couple of reasons you might see a discrepancy between the data in the Posts Report and the data in native analytics. Please visit the links below for more information.


Are native posts included in the Posts Report?

Pro Plan Business Plan
Facebook Pages & Groups
Instagram Profiles
Twitter Profiles
LinkedIn Profiles & Pages
Pinterest Profiles

How far back does the data go?

Analytics are never deleted so you'll be able to scroll down as far back as the first post you shared through Buffer Publish. When you subscribe to a Business Plan, or connect a new Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account and you’re already on a Business Plan, Buffer Publish will backfill the past 200 native posts. Unfortunately, we can't backfill data for LinkedIn or Pinterest.

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