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The Analysis Report is only available on our Business Plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

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The Analysis Report provides a simple chart allowing you to compare two metrics over a defined date range, as well as a table of your recently published posts.

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Report features

Customizing the date range

Use the date picker to choose a preselected or custom date range. This will be reflected in both the metrics chart and recent posts table.

Metrics chart

This chart allows you to view and compare engagement metrics and followers over time. This chart allows you to gain insight into the general engagement of your posts. Use the drop downs at the bottom right of the chart to choose two metrics you'd like to compare. See which performance metrics are available for each social network here.

Recent posts table

This table shows posts that have been published within the selected date range.

Exporting to CSV

The recent posts table can be exported to CSV by clicking the Export as .CSV button.

Please note, only the table of recent posts will be exported to CSV. It's not currently possible to export the metrics chart into any format.

Performance metrics

The performance metrics available in the chart will depend on the type of social account you're looking at. You can find a detailed description of each metric here.

Common questions


Where is the Analysis Report for my Twitter Profile?

The Analysis Report for Twitter Profiles has been superseded by the Overview Report and is therefore no longer available. If you're on a legacy Business Plan, and therefore don't have access to the Overview Report, then the Analysis Report will still be available to you.


What could cause discrepancies between the data seen in the Analysis Report here, and data in native analytics?

There are a couple of reasons you might see a discrepancy between the data in the Analysis Report and the data in native analytics. Please visit the links below for more information.


Are native posts included in the Posts Report?

Pro Plan Business Plan
Facebook Pages and Groups
Instagram Profiles
Twitter Profiles
LinkedIn Profiles and Pages
Pinterest Profiles

Why might I not see all the posts for my Instagram Profile in the Analysis Report?

The amount of data we’re able to display for Instagram is a little different than for other social networks. With Twitter for example, we hold the data directly, whereas with Instagram, we’re only able to retrieve the data on an on-demand basis.

By default, we’ll pull in the initial first page of data for Instagram, which is what you’ll see within the Posts Report. This same information is then reflected in other places, such as the Analysis Report, and the Calendar. Without loading the data within the Posts Report, it’s not going to find its way to those other places. As a result, you may find that data is missing from the Analysis Report due to the data not yet being pulled into the Posts Report on that on-demand basis.

The first thing to try would be to return to Posts Report and scroll further down in the list. Buffer Publish will then load the additional posts that were published further in the past. Once they've been loaded there, the data should then appear in those other places.

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