[Publish] Influencers Report

The Influencers Report is only available on our Business Plans, and is available specifically for Twitter. The Influencers Report is not available on our Free or Pro Plans. More information on our plans can be found here.



The  Influencers Report under Analytics, is available for Twitter Profiles, and is the report you'll want to look at to find your most influential and engaged followers.

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Report Features

Influential and engaged followers

Use the drop down menus above each column to look at:

  • Influencers who have recently followed you
  • Influencers who have recently engaged with you
  • Accounts that have posted the most content
  • Accounts that follow you but you don’t follow back
  • Verified accounts that follow you

Who's sharing your content

To find out who's sharing your content, enter your website or blog URL and hit Go. The top five Twitter accounts who are sharing this URL will be displayed.

Influencers using your keywords

To find out who's using your top keywords, enter a keyword and hit Go. The top five Twitter accounts who are using this keyword will be displayed.

Export to PDF

This data can be exported to PDF, using the button at the top right of the report. 

Download sample PDF report here →