[Publish iOS] Why is it necessary to manually enter a message for Facebook when using the Browser Extension?

When sharing content from online, using the Buffer Browser Extension, we will automatically grab the page title and the link, which you can use to customize your post for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. So why doesn't it pull it in for Facebook? Great question!

Facebook rules stipulate that third party apps, such as Buffer, cannot auto-fill the text update for a post on behalf of users, which means users need to directly input what they'd like to share. We're so sorry about this limitation. We're keeping a close eye on Facebook's guidelines to see if this changes in the future.

In the meantime, follow the steps below to share content to Facebook, in addition to other social networks:

  1. Find a piece of content online that you'd like to share and then tap on the share icon, followed by the Buffer icon. This will open the Buffer app, with the title and link already included in the composer.
  2. The social account you were viewing before opening the composer will already be selected. If you'd like to share to multiple social accounts, tap the + icon and then tap any social accounts you'd like to include. You'll then need to tap Done at the top right of your screen.
  3. If you have chosen to share to other social accounts, in addition to Facebook, make any changes you like to the message. Please note, this message will be for all social networks apart from Facebook.
  4. You'll notice at the bottom right of your screen, an option that says Next. This is in place of the regular Buffer option you'd see to add to the post to your Queue.
  5. Enter the message you'd like to use for Facebook.
  6. Once you're happy with your post, tap Buffer to add it to your Queue!