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At the core of any team-based workflow is assignments. Reply makes it easy to assign conversations either to yourself or to other team members. Being passed around from agent to agent is a source of frustration for many customers. Wherever possible, try to keep conversations assigned to one person, so they can build trust and rapport with the customer.

Assigning conversations

To assign a single conversation, either to yourself or to another team member, click on the Assign drop down above the Composer when viewing a conversation, and select either yourself, or the team member you'd like to assign the conversation to.

Top tip: Why not add an internal note as well, to let the team member know why you've assigned the conversation to them, or to let them know any steps you've already taken?

To bulk assign conversations, tick the checkboxes to the right of the conversations you'd like to assign, either in the Team Inbox or other folder you're looking at, and then select the team member you'd like to assign them to from the Assign drop down at the top.

As well as being able to manually assign conversations, you can also set up Automation Rules to have this happen automatically based on certain criteria, for example keywords or language. Learn more about Automation Rules here.

Auto-assign on reply

When replying to a conversation, you'll have a few options:

  • Reply: This will simply send your reply but not change the status.
  • Reply + Close: This will send your reply and set the status to Closed.
  • Reply + Pending: This will send your reply and set the status to Pending.
  • Reply + Close + Assign To Me: This will send your reply, set the status to Closed and assign the conversation to yourself.

You can also enable this behaviour by default by clicking on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard and clicking Preferences. From there, ensure the Preferences tab is selected and toggle Auto-assign on reply on and click Save Changes. With this turned on, all conversations that you reply to will be assigned to you by default. Learn more about your account settings here.

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