[Publish] Creating and managing draft posts

The Drafts feature is only available on our Premium and Business Plans. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

Creating Drafts
Managing Drafts


If an idea for a post comes to mind, the Drafts area is a great place to jot it down! You can start working on your post and come back to it later on. It's also the starting point of the approvals process, allowing users with Approval Required Access to work on draft posts before requesting approval from the account owner or another user with Full Posting Access. Learn more about user permissions here.

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Creating Drafts


Start by selecting the social account on the left hand side of your dashboard that you'd like to create a draft post for, and then head into the Drafts tab.


Click inside the box at the top of your Drafts list, which says Create a new draft.


This will open up the drafts Composer, which is where you can create your post. Type in or copy and paste the text you'd like to use for your post. You can also include additional social accounts at this point if you'd like to.

When it comes to adding media to your posts, the options you'll see will vary depending on the social network you're creating a draft for. Please refer to the table below.

Link attachment Suggested media
Image upload
Video upload
Facebook ✓ (4) ✓ (4)
✓ (1)
✓ (4)
✓ (4)
✓ (1)
✓ (4)
✓ (4)
✓ (1)
✓ (1) ✓ (1)
✓ (1)
✓ (1)
✓ (1)
✓ (1)


  • Link shortening: Any links you paste into the composer will be automatically shortened, using the buff.ly link shortener by default. Learn more here.
  • Facebook Page and Twitter mentions: To mention a Facebook Page or Twitter Profile, simply type the @ symbol and start typing the first few letters of the Page or Profile you'd like to mention. Matching results will be returned and you can select the one you'd like to include. Learn more here.
  • Hashtags: You're able to include hashtags in your posts for any social network and they will be hyperlinked once published.

Once your draft post is ready, there are a few options for you to choose from:

  • Add to Drafts (default): Your post will be saved at the bottom of your Drafts list.
  • Share Next: Your post will be saved at the top of your Drafts list and once it's moved to the Queue, it will be saved at the top and be the next post to be published. Other posts already in your Queue will all be bumped down one slot.
  • Schedule Draft: You will be able to choose a custom date and time in the future for the post to be shared. This will only be applicable if the draft is moved to the Queue before the date and time passes.

Managing Drafts

The options available when it comes to managing draft posts will depend on your level of permissions, as outlined in the table below.

Account owner User with Full Posting Access User with Approval Required Access
Request approval on drafts
Add drafts to the Queue
Edit drafts
✓ (only their own drafts)
Delete drafts
✓ (only their own drafts)

Request approval

As a user with Approval Required Access, you will need to request approval of your draft once you're happy with it. Simply click Request Approval. Your draft will then be moved to the Pending Approval list.

Add the draft to the Queue

As the account owner, or a user with Full Posting Access, you can move any draft from Drafts to the Queue, even if the user who created the draft has not yet requested approval. Simply click Add to Queue and it will be moved into the next available time slot in the Queue.

If a user with Approval Required Access has already requested approval on a post, it will appear in the Awaiting Approval tab. Account owners, and users with Full Posting Access, can review and approve the post there.

Edit the draft

If you want to make modifications to the draft, you can click Edit, make any changes you like and then click Save. Remember, the account owner and users with Full Posting Access can edit any drafts, while users with Approval Required Access can only edit their own.

Delete the draft

If you'd like to remove the draft completely, click Delete and then Confirm. Remember, the account owner and users with Full Posting Access can delete any drafts, while users with Approval Required Access can only delete their own.

Learn more about the approval process here.

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