[Publish] Video requirements and troubleshooting


Supported video formats

Buffer Publish currently supports videos up to 1GB in the file formats of mp4, mov, or avi. Buffer converts uploaded videos to MP4 encoded with H264, and a maximum resolution of 1280x720 (HD). Larger files are likely to be compressed to ensure they can be posted to the social network, but quality loss should be minimal. Unfortunately, we can't support Apple ProRes or raw camera formats like ARRI and RED at this time.

For a complete walkthrough of uploading videos to Buffer, please feel free to check out  this guide.

Video requirements to be aware of

Note on sharing videos to Twitter

Videos will appear natively and play automatically on Twitter if they are within  Twitter’s permitted file limits of 512MB and up to 140 seconds long. Videos longer than Twitter’s threshold will be displayed as a link to Buffer's video player (video.buffer.com). When a user clicks on the image, a separate tab will open, where the video is hosted and can be played.

If the video is over 1GB, unfortunately we will not be able to upload the video and it will not publish to Twitter.

Note on sharing videos to Pinterest

Currently, Buffer, and other third-party apps, are not able to post native videos to Pinterest. Whilst it is technically possible to upload a video to share to Pinterest, it will be displayed as an image. To view the video, users would need to copy the link from the description and paste it into a new browser window, which would then take them to Buffer's video player (video.buffer.com). Instead, we would recommend sharing a link to the video, rather than uploading it. You can find more information on this here.

Note on sharing videos through the Buffer API

Currently, the Buffer API does not accept video (or image) uploads. Instead, they need to be hosted elsewhere and then referred to via a link.


Why is my video taking a while to upload?

When uploading a video file to Buffer, there are quite a few steps the file needs to go through:

  • First, Buffer checks the file to ensure that it is able to be passed over through the API.
  • Then, Amazon Website Services (AWS) is going to transcode the file.
  • Finally, AWS is going to generate the potential thumbnails. In generating thumbnails, we look for a different thumbnail every 15 seconds. This means for a video that's 1 hour and 30 minutes long, we would try to generate at least 360 different images to use in your post. This could be a key factor that affects the uploading speed.

Depending on the file size, the length of the video, and the connection speed, each of these things could take different lengths of time and determine how long the overall process takes. If you are uploading a short video and it is taking a long time, please get in touch and we'd be happy to troubleshoot!