[Reply] Saved Replies



Saved Replies are pre-created messages that you can insert into your responses to conversations. These can be helpful if you find yourself responding to similar questions time and time again, or if a particular response you use is quite lengthy. In these cases, it might feel great to set up some Saved Replies, to save your team having to type them out each time. Typical examples might include your pricing information, refund policy, or maybe your store opening hours!

Creating and editing Saved Replies

Only Admins are able to create and edit Saved Replies. Learn more about team member roles here >>

To get started, click on Settings on the left hand side of your dashboard and then select the Saved Replies tab.


To create a brand new Saved Reply, click + New Reply, or to edit an existing Saved Reply, click on the edit icon to the right of it


Enter a title for your Saved Reply


Enter the message for your Saved Reply


Click Save Changes

Saved Replies can also be created from existing responses within conversations. Click on the More option beneath a response (the three dots) and click  Create Saved Reply. This will open the Saved Replies area within Settings. From there, enter a title for your Saved Reply and click Save Changes.

Inserting Saved Replies

There are two easy ways to insert a Saved Reply into your response.


Click on the Insert Saved Reply option within the composer and select the Reply you'd like to use.


Type ## into the composer, and using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, select the Reply you'd like to use.