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Buffer Publish is a scheduling tool, allowing you to create, schedule, and publish your social media content with ease. There are a number of plans available, which largely depend on the number of social accounts you're looking to connect, the number of team members who'll need access, and how much content you'd like to schedule in advance. You can learn more about our plans and pricing here.

Our FAQ offers detailed how-to guides, along with helpful tips and tricks. This Getting Started guide aims to point you to all the right places, in order to get up and running with Buffer Publish in as little time as possible! 🚀

If you’re new to social media marketing, here are our best social media marketing guides to get you started.

Connecting your social accounts

The first step to getting up and running with Buffer Publish is to get your social accounts connected. You can currently connect the following types of social accounts:

  • Twitter: Profiles
  • Facebook: Pages and Groups
  • LinkedIn: Profiles and Pages
  • Pinterest: Boards (on the Pro and Business Plans)
  • Instagram: Profiles

The number of social accounts you can connect will depend on the plan you're subscribed to. You can learn more about our plans and pricing here.

⭐️ How to connect your social accounts >>

Inviting your team members

Team members can only be invited on our Business Plans. Team members are not supported on the Free or Pro Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.

Inviting team members to contribute to the content that is shared on social media, can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. On Publish, team members will be able to create and share draft posts, and you can define which team members will need to have their posts approved. And of course one of the key benefits is that team members’ posts will still be shared within your preset schedule, thus preventing over-sharing or any disruption to your sharing flow.

⭐️ How to invite your team members >>

Setting up your posting schedule

Each of your connected social accounts will have its own Posting Schedule. Each time that you configure there, becomes a time slot in your Queue. Then, when you're scheduling posts, you don't need to think about the date and time it should be published, all you need to do is add it to your Queue and it will automatically be placed into the next available time slot and published as part of your usual posting flow. Other scheduling options are also available, including the ability to schedule your post for a custom date and time.

⭐️ How to set up your posting schedule >>

Scheduling your posts

The  "Tailored Posts Composer" is at the heart of Buffer Publish; it's where you're able to schedule your posts. You can share to multiple social accounts in one go, with the ability to customize the message for each one. In the guide linked below, we'll walk through choosing which social accounts to share to, creating your content, and scheduling options.

⭐️ How to schedule your posts >>

Approving posts added by team members

Posts added by team members with  Approval Required Access will automatically be added to the Drafts area. From there, they can request approval on their post, which will move it over to the Awaiting Approval area. Both the account owner, and team members with Full Posting Access, will be able to review and approve such posts.

⭐️ How to approve posts added by team members >>

Faster sharing with the browser extension

The Buffer Browser Extension makes sharing content even quicker and easier! It allows you to open the composer on any web page and add posts right to your Queue, without having to go back to your dashboard.  You can grab the extension for your browser by heading to this link. It's currently supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

⭐️ How to use the browser extension >>

Setting up your content inbox

The Content Inbox is only available on our Pro and Business Plans. It is not available on the Free Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.

If you're keen to have fresh content at your fingertips everyday, we recommend checking out the Content Inbox, which is available to Pro and Business Plan customers. Here, you'll be able to add your favorite RSS feeds and choose which articles to share with your audience. This is a wonderful way of keeping your Queues topped up with great content!

⭐️ How to set up your content inbox >>

Analyzing how well your posts are performing

Analytics are only available on our Pro and Business Plans. They are not available on the Free Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.

Buffer Publish enables you to track engagements and interactions on the posts you've shared, so you can see how your content is performing across all your social accounts.

⭐️ Overview of Analytics and Reports >>

Buffer on-the-go with the mobile app

If you’re keen to Buffer on-the-go, why not grab the Buffer mobile app from the   Apple Store or Google Play. From connecting social accounts and customising your posting schedules to creating your posts and tracking engagement, Buffer’s mobile app is feature-rich, allowing you to do almost anything you’d do on the web version!

⭐️ Mobile FAQ >>

Do even more with integrations

We’re thrilled to integrate with 60+ different services and we’d love to share some ideas with you here!

⭐️ Full list of integrations >>

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