[Publish] Managing posts in Awaiting Approval

Team members can only be invited on our Business Plans. Team members are not supported on the Individual or Awesome Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.


Posts added by team members with Approval Required Access will automatically be added to the Drafts area. From there, they can request approval on their post, which will move it over to the Awaiting Approval area. Both the account owner, and team members with Full Posting Access, will be able to review and approve such posts.

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Managing posts in Awaiting Approval

Any posts from team members who have requested approval, will appear in the Awaiting Approval area.

If you'd like to receive an email alert when a new draft is ready to review, click on My Account followed by Email Settings and scroll down to the Reminders section. Toggle the New Drafts option to Yep.

The account owner and any team members with Full Posting Access will have the following options:


Approve the post right away

To approve a post right away, simply click Approve and it will be moved into the next available time slot in the Queue.


Edit the post

If you want to make modifications to the post, you can click Edit, make any changes you like and then click Save. From there, you can click Approve.


Move the post back to Drafts

If you'd like to move the post back to Drafts, for the team member to continue working on it, click Move to Drafts.


Delete the post

If you'd like to remove the post completely, click Delete and then Confirm.

For information on inviting team members and setting up permissions,  please hop over to this guide.