[Publish] Google+ vs Google My Business


Understanding and managing various Profiles and Pages within Google can be a tricky business! We've seen some confusion specifically around Google+ Profiles vs Google+ Pages vs Google My Business Pages, so we wanted to share some information here.

What's the difference?

  • Google+ Profile: A personal profile that represents an individual person. Think of it as the equivalent of a personal Facebook or LinkedIn profile. More information on Google+ Profiles can be found here.
  • Google+ Page: A page managed under your brand account that represents an organization. Think of it as the equivalent of Facebook or LinkedIn company page. More information on Google+ Pages can be found here.
  • Google My Business Page: Google My Business is a tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. A Google My Business Page stores address details, maps, directions, opening times, contact details and customer reviews. The key difference between Google+ Pages and Google My Business Pages is a physical location. If an organization has a physical location, then they are eligible to create a My Business Page. Arcalea published a wonderful blog post here describing the differences in more detail. More information on Google My Business can be found here.

Which Google accounts can I connect to Buffer Publish?

  • Google+ Profiles: Yes
  • Google+ Pages: Yes
  • Google My Business Pages: No

Note on Google+ Profiles

At the moment, only Google+ Profiles that are connected to a Gmail account can be connected to Buffer Publish. This means that Google+ Profiles created under a Google Apps account with an alternative domain, cannot be connected. We're keeping a close eye on Google's API and hope to have this option available in the future.

Note on Google+ Pages

When it comes to connecting Google+ Pages to Buffer Publish we're a bit limited by the structure of the Google+ API. While Google+ does allow for the connection of Google+ Pages to third party apps such as Buffer Publish, these connections need to be established through the Google+ Profile that is a Manager for the Page. Without that Profile in place as a Manager, Buffer would be unable to use the OAuth Process of the Google+ API to make the connection. Follow the steps below to check the Managers of your Google+ Page:


Login to your Google+ Page.


Click on Settings on the left hand panel of Google+.


Click on Manage Your Brand in My Account under the "General" heading.


Click on the Manage Permissions button.


This should bring up a list of all Page Managers. Make sure your personal Google+ Profile is set to manage the Page.