[Publish] How to reauthorize your Facebook account

A social account may occasionally need to be reconnected to Buffer Publish. This could be because the login details to the social account have changed, or because the access token has expired. In most cases, you can reconnect the account following the steps  here.

However, on some occasions, a simple reconnect won't do the trick for Facebook accounts, and it will instead need to fully reauthorized. In these cases, please follow the steps below.


Log in to Facebook and head to  Application Settings.


You should see the Buffer app listed on the page. Tick the checkbox to the right of the app and then click Remove.


You will then see a pop up asking if you'd also like to "Delete all your Buffer activities including posts, photos and videos on Facebook."  It is very important to leave this unticked, unless you really do want to delete any posts that have been published to Facebook via Buffer. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Head back over to  https://buffer.com/app


Select your Facebook account on the left hand side of your dashboard and then click on Settings > Reconnect. Be sure to accept all permissions during the connection process. From that point, you should be all set you and can retry any failed posts in your Queue.

In order to reconnect a Facebook Page, your personal Facebook Profile will either need to be the owner of the Page or alternatively have the "Page Admin" role. Although it's possible to connect Facebook Pages if you have the "Page Editor" role, it is not possible to reconnect them with this level of permission.