[Reply] How to choose the right Buffer Reply plan


Buffer Reply has two plans available. The Professional Plan is ideal for individual users, or teams of two or three, looking to respond to a lower volume of conversations. The Business Plan is ideal for larger teams looking to respond to a higher volume of conversations, with the ability to set up automation rules and have access to extensive reporting.

Both plans are priced based on the number of social accounts you’d like to pull conversations from and also the number of team members who’ll be helping out. As an example, for 3 social accounts and 3 team members, the Professional Plan would be $120/month and the Business Plan would be $295/month.  Feel free to hop over to our pricing calculator here to create your perfect plan.


  • All prices are USD. Unfortunately we're not able to bill for Buffer Plans in any other currencies right now. We apologise for the lack of flexibility there.
  • All plans can be paid on either a monthly or yearly basis. If you choose to pay yearly, you would receive 2 months free per year. 💰

What are the benefits of the Business Plan, compared to the Professional Plan?

The Professional Plan includes key features such as responding to conversations, filters, tags, folders, assignments, internal notes, collision detection and access to the Overview Report including the last 30 days of history. The Business Plan includes more advanced features, including:

  • Full history within the Overview Report (as opposed to 30 days on the Professional Plan), with the ability to export to CSV
  • Access to the Engagement Report
  • Access to the Team Report
  • Ability to set up automation Rules to route messages to the right places, tag conversations based on keywords, automatically close mentions that don’t need a reply and loads more!
  • Ability to set up Twitter searches to ensure you catch every mention of a certain keyword or hashtag around Twitter (even if you're not @mentioned in the conversation)

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