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Reply pricing is completely customised based on your specific needs, and you’ll pay for the exact number of social accounts and team members you need to add. We have two plans available. The Professional Plan is ideal for individual users, or teams of two or three, looking to respond to a lower volume of conversations. The Business Plan is ideal for larger teams looking to respond to a higher volume of conversations, with the ability to set up automations and have access to extensive reporting.

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The Professional Plan starts at $50/month for one social account and one team member. The Business Plan starts at $255/month for one social account and one team member. From there, each additional social account is $10/month and each additional team member is $25/month. For example, for five social accounts and three team members, the Professional Plan would be $140/month and the Business Plan would be $315/month.

  • All prices are in USD.
  • Both plans can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. If you choose to pay yearly, you'd receive two months free per year.
  • We offer a 50% discount to nonprofit organizations. All we'd need is a copy of your 501(c)(3) (or equivalent documentation) to get that set up for you.

Compare plans and features

The table below outlines which features are available on each plan. The key features available on the Business Plan, which are not available on the Pro Plan, include Automation Rules (a powerful way to automate common tasks like tagging, moving, assigning, or setting the status of, incoming conversations), Twitter Searches (allowing you to specify a keyword, phrase or hashtag that you'd like to track), and access to advanced reporting with CSV exports.

Keen to see Reply in action? Join a webinar or start a free 14 day trial now!

Pro Plan Business Plan
Social contact profiles ✓ ✓
Personal signatures ✓
Collision detection ✓ ✓
Internal notes
✓ ✓
Saved Replies ✓ ✓
Team assignments ✓ ✓
Automation Rules
Twitter Searches
Custom tags and folders ✓ ✓
Overview Report ✓ (30 day history) ✓ (full history, inc. CSV exports)
Engagement Report
✓ ( inc. CSV exports)
Team Report
✓ (inc. CSV exports)
Keyboard shortcuts ✓ ✓
Help Scout Docs integration ✓ ✓
Slack integration ✓ ✓
iOS app ✓ ✓
Android app ✓ ✓
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