[Reply] Dashboard overview



Let's take a look around your dashboard!

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Team Inbox and other folders

The first thing you'll see when you log into Reply, is the Team Inbox. This will already be selected on the left hand side, right at the top of your screen. You can toggle between the Team Inbox and the other folders, to get a feel for how many conversations are waiting for you.

  • Team Inbox: Here you'll find all new conversations. These conversations are Open and Unassigned.
  • Mine Folder: Here you'll find all Open conversations that are assigned to you. These could be conversations that other team members have assigned to you, or conversations that you've assigned to yourself.
  • Assigned Folder: Here you'll find all Open conversations that are assigned to other team members.
  • Closed Folder: Here you'll find all conversations that have been Closed. You can always go back and see those or reopen them if you need to.
  • Spam Folder: Here you'll see any conversations from social contacts that you have muted, along with any conversations that have been routed here as a result of an Automation Rule. Learn more about Automation Rules here.

Custom folders

Below your Team Inbox and other folders, you'll see your custom folders. Custom folders are automatically created when you create new tags. This allows you to easily find conversations where a specific tag has been applied. Learn more about Tags here.

Reports, Settings and more

Below your custom folders, you'll see various other options:

Who's online

In this section, you'll see which of your team members are online.