[Reply] Dashboard overview

Team Inbox and standard folders
Custom folders
Reports, Settings and more Conversations list

Team Inbox and standard folders

On the left hand side of your Reply dashboard, you'll see your Team Inbox. You can jump between the Team Inbox and your other folders to get a feel for how many conversations are waiting for you. Here's what you can expect to find in each place:

Team Inbox Unassigned conversations that are set to Open or Pending.
Mine Conversations that are assigned to you that are set to Open or Pending.
Assigned Conversations that are assigned to other team members that are set to Open or Pending.
Closed Conversations that are set to Closed.
Spam Conversations from contacts that you have muted, along with conversations that have been routed here as a result of an Automation Rule. Learn more about Automation Rules here.

Custom folders

Further down the left hand side, you'll see your tags, otherwise known as custom folders. When a new tag is created, it will be shown on the left hand side as a custom folder. Learn more about the uses of tags and custom folders here.

Reports and more

Below your custom folders, you'll see the following options:

  • Reports: Gain insights into volume, productivity, and more. Learn more about Reports here.
  • What's New: Learn about our latest changes and new features.
  • Who's Online: You'll also see a section showing which of your team members are currently online.

Conversations list

In the central area of your Reply dashboard, you'll see your list of conversations. This list will change depending on which folder you currently have selected on the left hand side.

Each conversation here will show the start of the message text, along with an icon indicating what type of message it is, and how long ago it arrived. You can filter your conversations by message type, and also sort by either oldest or newest first.

If you tick any of the checkboxes to the left of your conversations, you'll then be able to use the bulk actions towards the top, which include adding tags, moving conversations to other folders, changing the status, and assigning conversations to team members.

On the far right hand side, you can also search your conversations by name, @user, keyword, or phrase.

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