[Reply] Conversation details CSV export

Reports can only be exported on our Business Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.

One of the CSV exports you can download from the  Overview Report is the Conversation details report. This report includes the details of every conversation that has come in during the date range you've selected. It includes things like channel, source, social contact, message text, tags, dates, and first reply times.

Here's a run down of all the data you'll find within the CSV export:

  • channel: The social network the customer sent the message from.
  • source: The type of message, e.g. "mention", "message", "search".
  • type: This is supporting information for source, which gives a bit more information. For example, if the source was "mention" or "search", then the type would be "tweet".
  • convo: The link to the conversation in Reply.
  • direction: Inbound messages are those sent by your customers. Outbound messages are those sent by your team.
  • user: The team member who replied to the message.
  • contact: The name of the social contact who sent you a message. This is pulled in from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, depending on the channel.
  • text: The content of the message.
  • tags: Tags that were added to the conversation.
  • convoCreatedAt: The date and time that the conversation began, i.e. when your customer sent the first message.
  • itemCreatedAt: The date and time that the individual thread within that conversation was sent.
  • external: The link to the original conversation in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to link to Twitter direct messages, so these cells will be blank.
  • firstReplyTimeSecs, firstReplyTimeMins, firstReplyTimeHours: These are 3 different versions of the same stat. They show how long it took for your team to reply to the message, in the form of seconds, minutes or hours. Please note, Reply is only tracking first reply time at the moment, which is the measure of time it took for your team to send a response to the customer's first message. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to see the reply time of each individual message, although this is something we'd love to add in the future. Within the CSV export, you'll see these stats for first messages, but not for subsequent follow ups.