[Publish] Individual Plan changes in March 2018



On  March 1, 2018, the Individual Plan became the "Free Plan" and you're be able to connect up to 3 social accounts of any combination, instead of 1 per social network. In addition, the Free Plan has been simplified and some features have been removed.

Below, we aim to answer any questions that might arise as a result of this change. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at  hello@bufferapp.com.

How is the Free Plan different from the Individual Plan?

On the Individual Plan, you were able to connect 1 account per social network. This meant you could connect 1 x Twitter, 1 x Facebook, 1 x LinkedIn, 1 x Google+ and 1 x Instagram.

On the new Free Plan, you're able to connect up to 3 social accounts of any combination. For example, this could be 1 x Twitter, 1 x Facebook, and 1 x LinkedIn, or it could be 3 x Twitter or 3 x Facebook.  Pinterest will continue to only be available on our Pro and Business Plans.

In addition, the following features have been removed:

Update March 8, 2018: When these changes were announced and subsequently rolled out, there were three additional features removed, which are no longer listed above. These were:

  1. The Schedule Post option, which allows you to schedule posts for a custom date and time
  2. The Default social accounts feature
  3. The option to disable link shortening

Along the way — through the course of communication, testing, experimentation, and rollout — we were fortunate to hear feedback from many Buffer users about how these changes were affecting them. We remained open to being wrong about some of our decisions. We gained clarity on what mattered to users and why. 

With the help from user feedback, we realized that removing these three features did not actually simplify the Buffer experience; in fact, it added complexity. For example, our decision to shorten all links with buff.ly proved to be a confusing additional layer for those who wanted (and expected) that their URLs they share would be displayed in full. The changes we decided to keep felt like changes to more complex power features, which were more in line with the enhancements you would need for a premium social media management experience.

For this reason, the three features listed above are staying on the Free Plan.

Feel free to check out our  Comprehensive feature list here if you'd like to learn more about which features are available on each plan.

In the coming months we plan to release a new-look dashboard! Stay tuned for more details on when we’ll make this release.

Why have you changed the Individual Plan?

We have spent a number of months considering this change, speaking to existing customers and reviewing pain points and friction with the Individual Plan. In almost all cases, 3 social accounts of any combination is a better number for folks than one per social network. Many of you want to manage a couple of Twitter or Facebook accounts for example.

Our aim has been to make the Free Plan experience significantly simpler and therefore less frustrating for customers. Many popups and upgrade prompts have been removed. We love having free users and we want Buffer Publish to be a product that people can use for free, long term.

I had more than 3 social accounts connected. What does this mean for me?

If you had more than 3 social accounts connected, the additional social accounts will have been locked on March 1. When a social account is locked, scheduled posts in your Queue will be halted and not published.

If you're looking to narrow down your social accounts so they're within the limits of the new Free Plan, we'd recommend removing the accounts you no longer need which will then unlock the accounts you'd like to keep.

You can do this by selecting the social account you're looking to remove on the left hand side of your dashboard and then clicking on Settings in the upper right corner. From there, click Remove. You'll be asked to confirm this choice because removing a social account also deletes all data and history. If that's cool, go ahead and confirm that you're sure!

If you don't wish to delete any social accounts (i.e. if you'd like to keep them connected to Buffer Publish in case you upgrade in the future), you can choose which accounts to unlock using drag and drop. Drag the accounts you'd like to unlock to the top of the list on the left hand side of your dashboard and then reload the page. The accounts nearest the top will unlock and the accounts nearest the bottom will lock.

Alternatively, if you're looking to manage more social accounts, perhaps you'd like to consider the  Pro Plan. On this plan you can connect up to 8 social accounts and schedule up to 100 posts in advance.

Can I upgrade to get more features?

You sure can! On the Pro Plan, you'd have space to connect up to 8 social accounts, including Pinterest, and schedule up to 100 posts in advance. Here's a run down of the benefits of the Pro Plan, compared to the Free Plan:

If you'd like to upgrade to the Pro Plan, feel free to hop over to this link â†’