[Publish] How Buffer Publish works with Instagram


Buffer Publish offers both Direct Scheduling and Reminders for Instagram. Scheduling posts works in the same way for both, but the type of Instagram Profile that you're sharing to (i.e. Business Profile or Personal Profile), as well as the type of content you're sharing (i.e. single image, multiple images, video), will determine whether the post is shared automatically, or scheduled as a reminder.

Direct Scheduling 🚀

Single image posts, with or without a caption, being shared to an Instagram business profile, will be published automatically.

In March 2018, Buffer launched Instagram Direct Scheduling, thanks to a brand new  Content Publishing API from Instagram. This is really exciting news and we know that many of you have been hoping for this for a long time!

It's also important to note that this new API is not quite as feature rich as what you might be used to — since it's still early days! Right now it's only possible for Buffer Publish to automatically publish single image posts that are being shared to a business profile. This means it is not possible to automatically publish posts to personal profiles, or automatically publish video posts. This is where Instagram Reminders will be handy!

Reminders 📅

Any posts being shared to an Instagram personal profile, along with any posts that include a video or image gallery, will be scheduled as reminders and you'll receive an alert to your phone when it's time for your post to be published.

In July 2016, Buffer launched Instagram Reminders, a feature allowing users to schedule posts and receive an alert to their phone when it was time to publish. This has been great for getting content ready in advance, keeping a consistent sharing schedule, allowing team collaboration, and tracking analytics. Although we now have Direct Scheduling, we're keeping Reminders too, so that you can keep scheduling all of your Instagram posts through Buffer Publish.

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