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  • Customizing your posting schedules

    Posts in your queue will be sent out automatically by Buffer, according to the posting schedule that you put in place. Select the social acccount you’d like to customize the posting schedule for on th

  • Custom scheduling posts

    Summary While most of your posts will likely only require you to add them to the queue, there are instances where a little more customization might be required. Have you ever prepared a post to sh

  • How to pause your posting schedule

    There are occasions when you might wish to pause your schedule in order to stop posts being sent to your social media accounts. At the moment we don't have a "Pause" button, although there is a way to

  • Sharing posts multiple times using the Power Scheduler

    Summary There is so much content shared on social media every day that it’s impossible to see it all! The same is true of your content. Chances are, as much as your audience might enjoy reading yo

  • How do I change my schedule on the iOS app?

    In Buffer, the schedule for each social profile is different. Make sure you have the right profile selected first by tapping the round profile icon in the upper left corner, then picking the account y

  • How do I change my schedule on the Android app?

    Tap the menu icon in the top left, then choose 'View Profiles' to select the account you want to set the schedule for. Then tap the "Schedule" icon on the lefthand side and "Edit" next to the schedule

  • How do I delete a scheduled post from the iOS app?

    If a post is in your queue that no longer feels great to send out, you can delete it by tapping the dropdown arrow on the upper right of the post, then 'Delete' from that menu. 

  • What does "number of scheduled posts" mean?

    Depending on your Buffer plan, you will be allowed to store a certain number of posts in your queue at any one time. Individual Plan: 10 posts Awesome Plan: 100 posts Business Plan:

  • Why Buffer can't fully schedule posts on Instagram

    Overview Each social network that Buffer connects to (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) has what is called an API, which is a series of functions and procedures allowing third party applications (

  • Team members scheduling posts for a custom date/time

    Team members who have been invited with "Approval Required" access on a Business Plan account, are still able to schedule posts for a custom date/time by using the "Schedule Post" option. Such post

  • Buffer Pricing

    Individual Plan Awesome Plan Small Business Plan Medium Business Plan Large Business Plan Enterprise Plans Free $10/month $9

  • What does Buffer do?

    Buffer is a scheduling tool, allowing you to quickly and easily share posts to your social media profiles. You're able to schedule all your posts in advance and then Buffer will send them out automati

  • Finding the best times to post using the Optimal Timing Tool

    Summary When is the best time to share posts on social media? I’m sure you’ve all asked yourselves that question - and so have we here at Buffer! The truth is, it depends! While there might be gene

  • Past reminders for Instagram

    If you miss a notification, you’ll be able to see all of your past reminders by clicking on the View Past Reminders link, where you’ll still be able to share them on Instagram, or re-schedule them.

  • Default profiles

    The check marks to the left of your social profiles indicate that they are set as defaults. If a profile is set as default, it will automatically be selected whenever you open the composer to schedule

  • Adjusting your timezone

    As opposed to having an account wide timezone, you're able to configure the timezone for each of your connected social accounts. To adjust the timezone for one of your accounts, visit the "Schedule" t

  • My account name or profile image isn't updating

    Each time Buffer gets ready to publish a new post to your profiles, it verifies the account name and profile picture. If you’ve recently edited any of these account details, you may not see these chan

  • How can I change time zone settings from the iOS app?

    Like schedules, timezones in Buffer are individual for each of your connected social accounts. To manage which you're using, first tap over to the round profile icon in the upper lefthand corner of Bu

  • Can I respond to incoming Tweets and Facebook comments?

    Buffer does not offer the ability to pull in and interact with social conversations such as incoming Tweets and Facebook comments. Buffer is quite focussed on being a scheduling tool, where you're abl

  • How to choose the right Buffer plan

    Buffer offers a few different plans depending on your needs. The Individual and Awesome Plans are ideal for individual users, looking to manage their personal social accounts and retrieve basic analyt

  • Getting Started with Instagram Reminders

    Summary Using Buffer's Instagram Reminders feature, you are able to create and schedule your Instagram posts in advance and when it's time for the post to be published, Buffer will send a notificat

  • Re-ordering posts using the Shuffle feature

    Ever feel like shaking things up? Click the Shuffle button at the top of your queue to shuffle your first 200 posts in the queue into a completely random order, excluding any that have been scheduled

  • How can I change the time zone on the Android app?

    Each of your social profiles connected to Buffer has its own independent Queue, Schedule (t imezone , too), Link Shortening Settings, Team Members, and Analytics. This means each account i

  • Does Buffer integrate with Yammer?

    We're sorry to say that Buffer does not currently integrate with Yammer. For a list of supported social networks, feel free to check out this article. That said, you are able to connect your Buffer

  • Pinterest's "source" field why you need it

    When it comes to scheduling posts for Pinterest, you will need to include a "source" URL for the image. This will be the web address the pin will redirect to. Buffer will typically pre-fill the source

  • Buffer's Social Calendar?

    Summary Sharing on social media can be hard, especially if you’re sharing lots of posts to many different profiles. One of the things that can help with efficiency and consistency, is having a soci

  • Connecting Instagram to Buffer via the iOS app

    ← Back to Getting Started with Instagram Reminders Open up the Buffer app on your iOS device and tap the social account avatar at the top left of the screen. You will be presented with a list of al

  • Faster sharing with the Buffer Browser Extension

    Summary The Buffer Browser Extension has been a key tool in how we share at Buffer in order to keep our social feeds fresh with new and engaging content. It can also be a great asset for your soci

  • What happens when you downgrade to the Individual Plan

    If you downgrade from the Awesome Plan, or choose not to upgrade to Buffer for Business at the end of your free trial, your account will be migrated to the Individual Plan. On this plan you can connec

  • What happens if my account is automatically downgraded?

    If a credit card associated with a Buffer account expires, or if a payment fails, we’ll share notice of that payment failure immediately, and we’ll retry processing the payment three times over a two

  • How do I reauthorize my Facebook account?

    Step 1: Start by going to Application Settings in Facebook. Step 2: You should see the Buffer app listed on the page. Step 3: Click on the [X] to the right of Buffer to remove it from Facebook.

  • Why is Buffer telling me I'm not an admin for my Facebook account?

    Oh dear! We're so sorry you're hitting this issue. In this case it can help to reset the connection to your Facebook account. Here are the steps to get things straightened out: Start by going t

  • Guidance on repeating posts

    Buffer is more of a roll-on, roll-off service, so each post in your queue will only go out once. If you’re looking to share a post more than once, you would need to create separate posts in your queue

  • Inviting team members on the Awesome Plan

    Summary On the Awesome Plan, you're able to purchase up to 5 team members for an additional $10/month or $102/year (per team member). This is something that we would need to configure for you, so p

  • How do I unlock a locked profile?

    If you've recently downgraded your account to the Individual Plan, you may have noticed that one or more of your connected profiles has been locked. With the Individual Plan, you can connect one profi

  • Buffer Plans: Comprehensive Feature List

    Buffer currently offers a number of plans depending on your needs. We have plans for individual users (Individual & Awesome) and plans for businesses and teams (Small, Medium, Large). Feel free to

  • Bulk importing posts using Bulk Buffer or Bulk Publish

    Buffer doesn't have a built-in bulk upload/import facility right now, though there are a couple of neat tools that integrate with Buffer that offer this - Bulk Buffer and Bulk Publish. Bulk Buffe

  • Which Buffer plans include team members?

    You're able to invite team members on our Awesome and Business Plans: Awesome Plan $10/month: Up to 5 team members can be purchased for an additional $10/month per team member Small Busines

  • Using Buffer integrations to manage draft posts

    Unfortunately Buffer does not currently have a way to create draft posts. Although it's something we're working on right now, so stay tuned! 😉 Alternative Solutions using Buffer Integrations W

  • Managing team members on Buffer for Business

    Summary Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. At Buffer, we have a team of people who share on our social medi

  • Setting up your own custom link shortener

    You might have noticed that when you paste a link into Buffer's composer, it's automatically shortened to something like “” or “”. This can be changed by clicking on Settings and